We’ve all had those nights. We’ve all had those journeys. You should have left hours ago, but stayed against your better judgement. “Just one more!” they said and you inevitably agreed. You missed your stop, you missed your station and everything was delayed. And you feel half dead on your feet and just desperate to get home. This is what ‘Euphoria’ is about. When you wake up the next day and say to yourself, “I’m getting too old for this”.This crossroads is more poignant for Dan as he has just become a father. His big night out and attempt to get home makes him realise that not only does he want to change, he’s got to change. And he must embrace a new future, however reluctantly.

Jon Howe based ‘Euphoria’ on some real-life events and married these together to create a taut, darkly surreal narrative. It is the underlying truth of the piece, that gives Euphoria it’s subtle power, the fact that at some point, we all reach a crossroads where we must leave the past behind.

Dan, a twenty something clubber, finds himself on his back in the road outside a club called ‘Euphoria’ after a misunderstanding with the bouncer. Realising he isn’t going to talk his way back in, he heads home.

Dan having become a father for the first time, had been out celebrating with his friend Sean, but they have become separated.

To get home Dan has to travel right across London. First he tries the Tube, but it has long since stopped running for the night. A night bus it is then. So begins a surreal journey from hell, one that is made more desperate as he is due to pick up his girlfriend and their new born baby in the morning.

Having done a runner from a taxi, due to a lack of money, Dan is threatened with being taken to a police station. After pleading, he is let off by the taxi driver with the admonishment to ‘grow up’. As Dan walks away he realises his life must change.

‘Euphoria’ was written and directed by Jon Howe. It was produced by Adam Coop, Angelic Films and stars David Elliot as Dan and Alex Gianninias the Taxi Driver.‘Euphoria’ is Jon Howe’s second short film, his first ‘Streets‘ having been in competition at the Venice Film Festival before being invited to over a dozen other international festivals, including Clermont-Ferrand and Gijon. It won special mentions at Ebensee and Morbegno Festivals.

Adam Coop is an award winning Producer, Writer and Director working in Features, Documentary and Short films.In 2001 Adam set up Angelic Films to write, produce and direct short films to develop his skills as a filmmaker. Since then Adam has produced and/or directed more than a fifteen short films, including the award winning shorts ‘The Fairweather Girl’, ‘Tug¹ and ‘Rose’s Last Train’.

Euphoria is Adam’s first collaboration with Jon Howe, Director.